Are You Being Served

Gussie Johnson

November 1-5, 2011

By David Croft & Jeremy Lloyd Directed by Gussie Johnson 1 - 5 November 2011 7:30pm REPERTORY HOUSE Corner Esk & Jed Streets Admission only $25 Senior Citizen & Students $20 It belongs to an era where we addressed everyone by their title and not Christian name, and the term 'politically correct' was still waiting in the wings to confound and plague us. With its innuendo-laden comedy, slapstick and in-your-face characters ARE YOU BEING SERVED has something for everyone. From the haughty Captain Peacock, Mrs Slocombe with her coloured hair, the camp Mr Humphries, giggly Miss Brahms and Mr Lucas (who has eyes on her), Mr Rumbold, Mr Grainger and the coarse Mr Mash plus the other characters who appear in the play, all add their brand of wacky humour to the situation. The terms used by the different characters e.g. Are you free?' captivated viewers from all walks of life. This year New Zealanders have experienced triumph and tragedy, so why not come and visit Grace Brothers before the onset of the festive season. You won't be disappointed! Cast Captain Peacock Ian Reeves Mrs Slocombe Lynley McKerrow Mr Rumbold Bill Obers Mr Grainger Blair Dockerty Miss Brahms Nicole Gourley Mr Lucas Tim Gamble Mr Humpheries Lindsay Abbot Mr Mash John Horn Nurse / Conchita Dorothy Hart-Brown Mr Grace / Cesar Barrie Sheehy Lady Customer/ Taetesa Buffy Edlin Male Customer/Don Bernardo Stephane Fabre