Hay Fever

Jonathan Tucker

April 14, 2012

Hay Fever introduces us to the Bliss family who are functionally dysfunctional. Judith Bliss is a famous retired actress, her husband a novelist of sensational books and their children, Sorel and Simon, are also artistically inclined. Each invites a member of the opposite sex down for the weekend to their posh Cookham-on-Thames home without telling each other of their plans. This results in much shouting and recrimination, and when the guests do arrive they are systematically and individually demolished, by the far too clever and exceptionally rude family, in a series of extremely funny verbal exchanges. This is the late great Noel Coward at his best. Hay Fever has just completed a successful season at Dublin's famous Gate Theatre and a West End production is currently running at the Noel Coward Theatre in London. CAST Judith Bliss Dorothy Hart-Brown David Bliss Nick Round-Turner Sorel Bliss Hannah McLeod Simon Bliss Jack Fraser Myra Arundel Aisha Williams Richard Greatham Michael Buick Jackie Coryton Grace Campbell Sandy Tyrell John Doody Clara Buffy Edlin