Mum's Choir

Jonathan Tucker

April 6-13, 2013

Mum has passed away after a long and happy life - which included a passion for singing and choral music. The family arrive at her Palmerston North home to prepare for the funeral. Much discord - often hilarious - results, as they reveal their contrasting attitudes to funerary arrangements and protocols. To relieve the frequent confrontations, the siblings sing and finally, when Mum is laid to rest, they join in vocal and harmonious unification. Alison Quigan's very funny exposure of a family in crisis - in this case a death - will question, provoke and entertain simultaneously, courtesy of a brilliant cast and script. Cast List Cathy - Buffy Edlin Noel - Michael Buick Kevin - Andy Wood Jean - Karley Wilks-Forde Terri - Brogan Campbell Aunty Nola - Dorothy Hart-Brown Matt - Jade Gillies Undertaker - Nigel Edwards