Outside Edge

Jonathan Tucker

April 16-24, 2010

My late father encouraged me to foster a love for cricket while I was a youngster. He took me to matches at Trinity College in central Dublin on many occasions. Alas I was not impressed. As we lived a mere fifty metres from the sea, small boat sailing became my summer passion. Later at boarding school (I forgive you NOW mother) where cricket (in Ireland?) was the summer game, even the illustrious presence of math's master N C Mahony and later captain of the Irish National Cricket Team (The Leprechauns) and trialist for Ireland (as first five eight in rugby union) failed in the endeavour which my father had begun. I preferred athletics and tennis, to being assailed by a solid circular missile encased in leather. Of course I was wrong. When I came to New Zealand in the early 1960s I was converted by the sheer glory of the game, its intricacies and its never ending charm. I am now as avid a fan as I am, of rugby union.