Social Climbers

Gussie Johnson

May 4-7, 2016 7.30pm

The sparkling ROGER HALL comedy 'Social Climbers' introduces us to a group of female teachers, one of them trailing a reluctant daughter, who embark on a weekend of bushwalking in the mountains to 'get away from it all'. Torrential rain and a washed out bridge traps them in a spooky mountain hut, their enforced togetherness revealing the cracks in their lives and relationships. What could be the 'Hen Party from Hell' begins even before they struggle out of their wet Lycra! Will the rain ever stop? Will the resident ghost get them in the middle of the night? Will they scratch each other's eyes out? Or will they find out what true friendship really means? If you are in need of a good laugh before the end of the year and the onset of the Christmas season, you won't be disappointed. Susan - Anya Bowman Kath - Buffy Edlin Annie - Rosalie Wright Emily - Kirsten Harper Maxine - Debbie Webster Sinead - Libby Fraser